Bodybuilding Made Simple Addendum

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The following issues stem from various questions and comments directed towards me,
which I have not had time to integrate into my compendium.
Weightlifting stunts growth?
Weightlifting has proven to be safe for people of all ages and will not stunt your
growth– I started when I was 13ish. The one caveat is that you have to follow perfect
form. If, for example, you are bent over in half and learning forward while squatting
(very poor form), there is a chance you could fuse growth plates together, among other
problems. If you are uncertain about your form, ask a trainer at your gym for assistance.
Exercising releases testosterone and growth hormone?
In my compendium, I made reference to heavy core compound movements (e.g.,
squat, deadlift, etc..) and Olympic-style movements increasing testosterone and gH
(growth hormone) production. While these movements do cause this to occur, the effect
is minimal and only lasts for a minute period of time. I mention this because some people
are under the impression that your levels increase 8 to 10 fold after doing these
movements and that the effect lasts for hours on end – this simply is not the case.
So why did I mention this point in my compendium – simple – who does not want
to try and harness every ounce of testosterone production, no matter how miniscule the
If you want serious testosterone release, sleep. This is when the largest quantities
are produced (and hence why your testosterone levels are the highest in the morning after
you wake up). If you want gH release, do some endurance training.

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