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There is so much BS out there
regarding programming and what works and what doesn’t. So what is the best training
program for strength, for hypertrophy, for explosiveness, for getting ripped (it’s diet), for
getting to your goals. Well, all training programs work, some more than others, some a
lot, more then others. Analysis paralysis. That’s what is all too common today in
training. With all of the programs out there, the trainees don’t have any idea which
programs that they should choose, which one they should stick to and make their
program. Hopefully I have helped you with this issue.
In my experience, and I have been lifting weights since 1979, volume training
simply works best. In addition, percentage training works best. People are scared to
death of both volume and intensity for some reason. Listen, who has actually gotten big
and strong by just performing one set? Nobody. Mentzer? More then 2 sets.
Karwoski? Yup, one all out set, but to get to his top set he performed many “warm-up”
sets that made his volume and total tonnage high. For him to get to 900×3, he would go
245×5, 355×5, 425×3, 515×3, 605×3, 675×2, 765×1-2, 855×1, 900×3 (for example). Now
that’s some volume! Percentage training is simply a way of keeping tabs on your
progress, and to ensure that you are moving along like you should. It takes the “going
by feel” and guesswork out of the equation. And yes, Prilepin figured it out long ago—
what sets and reps should be done in each percentage range, the low end and the high
end, so it gives you a guideline when you want to maintain (ugh) or overreach.
Prilepin’s Chart, Sheiko, all of those guys are smart and hit the modulation of volume
and intensity right on the money.
So what I am presenting you with are some programs that will get you big and
strong. Period. I wanted you to have options. Is your week slammed with work and
kids, but you have some time on the weekend? There is a weekend only workout for
you. Want to train 4 days a week? Got it for you. How about squatting everyday?
Yup. It’s done for you. I put a couple bodybuilding programs in because it’s a great
change of pace. Bodybuilding is also fun because you “chase the pump” as Arnold or
Vince Gironde once said, meaning that the feeling of your muscles exploding and filling
with blood is so great that you want to do more and more to force more blood into them,
Bas’ Barbell Club, LLC 4″
and it gives your joints a break from heavy workouts. Some of the workouts are hard
(“Ultimate Survivor”) but they all work. JUST STICK TO IT, and it will work. Pick one,
finish it, then start the next one. You’ll be glad you did!
There are no exercise pictures or descriptions in here. To me, that is like putting
recipes at the end of a diet book: a waste of space. There are plenty of books that
already do that for you. I’m going to assume that you know how to perform the lifts. If
you are not confident in your form, read Starting Strength by Rippetoe or buy
Purposefully Primitive; find an individual with proficient knowledge of correct technique
to help guide you, or search YouTube for the basics regarding the lifts. Our YouTube
channel—manster74—has the basic lifts done with the form that we recommend.
Now, let’s train—here is what you need to do in order to be successful:
 Decide what you want

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