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Hello and welcome!
Thanks for purchasing my new e-book, TRAIN SMART! It’s loaded with revolutionary,
proven knowledge and techniques that will allow you to quickly
and efficiently transform your body to whatever level of fitness and muscularity
you desire – from muscle toning and firming – to conditioning for a
sport—to adding 20, 30 or even 40 pounds of new, hard muscle to your
frame. All without drugs, without spending a fortune on nutritional supplements
and without wasting your time in the gym.
This e-book is concise. You probably already know that I co-authored
seven books and edited five other bodybuilding books for IRONMAN magazine.
Those books make a stack of paper about two feet high. But when
people ask me what to do in the gym to quickly add some muscle to their
bodies, they don’t want to read 1,000 pages. They just want the “core” of
my knowledge. That fact was the beginning of this project.
You see, a while ago, my 22-year-old nephew told me he was getting into
weightlifting and he wanted to know what I thought he should be doing in
the gym to maximize his results. He knew John and I wrote books on the
subject, performed research with trainees from 18 to 55 years of age,
measured their results every step of the way and synthesized them into full
workouts and specialization workouts. He knew all of that and more – BUT
HE DIDN’T WANT TO READ THAT MUCH ! – he just wanted his uncle to tell
him the core knowledge from all those books and all that research! The
best of the best, without any preamble, padding or self-serving B.S. about
how smart we were compared to others!
So, I gave it to him.
That made me realize I really could condense what I’d learned developing
Power Factor Training, Power Factor Specialization, Static Contraction
Training, new data, feedback from customers, experience from personal
consultations – everything! – into a relatively small book. And I could make
it available to anyone in the world via the Internet!
And that’s what you have right now. The best information garnered from
years of research and real world testing. I urge you to read every word
of it. The knowledge you need is in these pages – but it’s concise – I don’t
repeat the same things over and over. You can jump around all you
want. You can just pick a workout and get going. But when a question
comes up … you’ll find the answer in here.

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